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This is the landing page of the beta program of AutoTradingLab

What is AutoTradingLab

AutoTradingLab is a graphical software that lets the user create automated online trading systems with a few clicks and without writing a single line of code.

With AutoTradingLab you can create Metatrader 4 and 5 expert advisors.

You can create your own expert advisor using: 

  • Indicators
  • Oscillators
  • Japanese candlesticks patterns
  • Heiken Ashi candles
  • Supports and resistances
  • Trendlines
  • Pivot points
  • Fibonacci retracements and expansions


Easy to use

You can build an Expert Advisor in a few clicks.

No coding skills required

Coding is difficult to learn. With AutoTradingLab you won't need to do it, because it's a fully graphical interface.


In AutoTradingLab you can use 4 types of money management, all the indicators and oscillators inside Metatrader platforms and, in addition, price action patterns, Fibonacci retracements, supports, resistances, trendlines, Pivot points and so on.


The program itself occupies only a few MB.

What is the beta program?

AutoTradingLab is not complete yet. Actually, it's in Beta release. It means that, before lauching it, I'm looking for some beta testers wanting to try this software for a few weeks, tell me if there are bugs, if it's easy to use, if there is something to change, to make easier and so on. A real beta testers team. That's why I need your help.

How does it work?

Are you interested in becoming an AutoTradingLab beta tester! That's great and I'm very grateful for your help!

To start the beta testing program, you must follow these steps:

1. Download and install AutoTradingLab 1.0.0 beta

You can download the installer from here:

2. Activate usage logger

The first time you open AutoTradingLab the program will ask you if you allow collecting usege data. It's anonymous and won't collect any personal data. 

You don't have to say Yes, of course, but activating data collecting will make me understand better if there is any problem or bug with the program, how it's used and so on. Remember: collected data can't be related to you and you can deny consent to usage tracking in the Preferences menu at any time. So I kindly encourage you to accept collecting this kind of anonymous data for statistical purposes. Maybe you don't know, but they can help me a lot.

3. Ask for a free Beta subscription code

AutoTradingLab will be sold with a subscription-type plan, that is a fixed bill every month or every year. For the beta program I obviously don't ask you a penny, but to unlock all the functionalities of the premium edition you must enter a valid subscription code. 

To obtain one for free, just e-mail me at You'll recieve a code as soon as possible, with all the instructions to enter and use it.

While you wait for the code, you can still use AutoTradingLab with its limited capabilities.

4. Play around

Now you can use my program as you want. Play with it, use it, stress every feature. The more you stress AUtoTradingLab, the higher you help in the beta program. 

Create as many trading systems as you want, with all the indicators and elements you need and test them on Metatrader. Backtest everything and tell me if everything works as you thought or if there's something wrong.

You are free to use the program, but I kindly ask you to keep attention to a few, particular things:

  • Price action (candlesticks, key levels, Fibonacci)
  • Money Management
  • Behavior of Expert Advisors in Metatrader
  • General usability 

Please, don't use AutoTradingLab expert advisor in live trading with real money. It's just a beta version and it can still be unstable.

5. Contact me

For any bug you find or feature you love or suggestions or whatever you have in your mind, write me an e-mail at: Your voice is really appreciated and will make this software grow and become better. So, please, don't forget to write me. I really want to hear your voice, your opinions and impressions about my software.

6. Ask a few questions

The beta testing period ends at December 21. After that date, your beta subscription will end and you'll be able to use only the free features of AutoTradingLab. After a few days from the end you'll recieve a link to a survey form with a few, anonymous questions. That's the last struggle I ask you in order to measure your experience with my program and your feelings.

About Me

I'm Gianluca Malato, I live in Italy and I've developed AutoTradingLab. I'm interested in online trading, particularly to automated trading systems. That's why I built this software.


Privacy Policy

This is a static landing page and doesn't collect cookies. The data you'll send via e-mail will be used only for the beta testing purposes explained in this page. No unwanted marketing will be done with your e-mail without your consent.